We've made everything as simple as possible for you. If you read these instructions carefully, you should have no problem taking the test.

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and a working microphone and camera.
  2. Each prompt will ask you to respond to a scenario. Do not worry about giving factually accurate responses, as the only skill evaluated during this test is your language ability; the content of your responses (so long as they are related to the question) will have no impact on your test score.
    The reading of any written response is prohibited.
  3. When you have reviewed the prompt and you're ready to respond, press “Record Answer.”
    You are only given one opportunity to record your answer. Make sure you're ready.
  4. Speak clearly and respond to the scenario to the best of your ability. Please be sure to speak in the same language of the test prompts. Do not interpret the questions.
    Don't worry if you stumble. Simply continue with your answer in the time remaining.
  5. When you are finished recording your response, proceed to the next prompt.

  • Test
  • Duration
    5-10 min.
  • Questions
  • Language
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